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Tester Name: Test

Date of Test: 2017-11-19 09:36:36

Video Comments

00:33 - 03:09

Think of your favorite T-shirt you want to buy, try to find that T-shirt on the site

03:09 - 03:45

Add that T-shirt to the shopping cart

03:45 - 06:27

Find a matching pants for the T-shirt

06:27 - 08:30

Go through the purchase process, but stop at the credit card step.

08:30 - 09:05

How would describe your feeling using this site?

It is a very good website to use, but I think the search results must be refined

09:05 - 09:38

If you are the boss, how would you improve this site?

I would add the sale section to a clear place for others to find it

09:38 - 09:49

How likely are you to recommend this website to friend or colleague?

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