Tester Information

Tester Name: محمد

Date of Test: 2017-12-18 10:43:58

Video Comments

00:22 - 03:30

Think of your favorite T-shirt you want to buy, try to find that T-shirt on the site

03:30 - 04:16

Add that T-shirt to the shopping cart

04:16 - 07:55

Find a matching pants for the T-shirt

07:55 - 09:54

Go through the purchase process, but stop at the credit card step.

09:54 - 10:19

How would describe your feeling using this site?

I liked the layout of the website, I hated the site's search results.

10:19 - 10:46

If you are the boss, how would you improve this site?

I would change the search results, I will add more filters to include slim fit, fit,etc to the pants category

10:46 - 10:56

How likely are you to recommend this website to friend or colleague?

غير سعيد سعيد جدا